Siferd's Country Carpets & Flooring

At Siferd’s Country Carpets & Flooring we have... you guessed it... carpet and flooring! But not just any carpet and flooring: we offer the highest quality carpet to our customers. We have hundreds of styles and thousands of colors which allows you to pick and chose exactly the kind of carpet you need and want. Some of the different styles like loop, texture, and frieze are detailed below. Along with carpet, we offer hardwood, tile, vinyl, and many more options for any kind of flooring you may need. Come into our showroom and see in-person a selection of the flooring options available. Of course if we don’t have what you're looking for in our showroom, we can get samples before you make the final decision.

We know that any flooring option can be expensive so we do everything we can to keep our costs low. We actually bought our showroom building in full in order to keep overhead costs low and allow the carpet and flooring prices to be at competitively low prices. We even work with Foundation Financing to offer affordable options to our customers in order for them to get their dream flooring in their home.

Carpet Types


Loop Carpet image

Carpet that combines looped strains with straight to produce a dense and durable carpet for high traffic and low-maintenance areas.


Texture carpet image

Carpet ideal for luxurious look, it may not be the most resistant to pets or staining but it is ideal for the stylish look.


Frieze carpet image

Made to resemble the appearance of the Bichon Frise dog, Frieze style carpet is a fluffy and soft carpet that does well at concealing pet hair or foot traffic.


Pattern carpet image

A simple tiled pattern carpet can be useful in many different occasions or rooms. It’s a stylish design that can accent any room.


Smalls, the Siferd's Country Carpets dog image

"Hundreds of styles and thousands of colors"

- Smalls, Store guard dog


Mohawk logo Dream Weaver logo Milliken logo

Not only can our customers choose from styles and colors, but they can select their carpet from top brands such as Mohawk, Dream Weaver and Milliken. These brands are known in the industry for being high quality carpets with stylish and appealing designs. At Siferd’s Country Carpet we pride ourselves in only allowing the finest carpet to be sold to our customers.

Other Flooring

Not only do we sell carpet but we offer all types of flooring needs to our customers. Whether you need a hard tile floor for easily cleaning at a high foot traffic business or you want a beautiful hardwood look in your house, we can help. Come into the showroom today and see all of the designs and styles we have available.

Commercial Tile

Commercial Tile image


Laminate floor image


Hardwood floor image


Vinyl floor image